Trident poles can be factory drilled to customer specifications to accommodate permanent or detachable climbing steps. Each step option is made from galvanized steel and attaches using standard hardware.

Permanent steps can be ordered in single-sided or working step configurations. Steps are secured through the pole and will support up to 750 lbs. of load without fracture or disassembly from the poles.

Detachable steps are recommended for use on the lower extremities of the pole for access to permanent fixtures. Trident offers the climbing step bracket, through-bolt, detachable pole step and all hardware in one affordable, easily installed package.

Composite Sleeves

Composite sleeves slide inside pre-drilled or field-drilled holes to prevent over-torquing and maintain steel isolation. Trident composite sleeves are 1-inch round and can be preinstalled and capped for field hardware installation.

Impact Resistant Pole Caps

Trident poles come complete with impact resistant pole caps and composite base plates. Caps are fitted to poles using removable self-tapping screws for easy access.

Composite Base Plates

Trident poles come complete with UHMW baseplates which include drainage holes that can be drilled to the customer specifications.