Composite Poles

Trident Industries composite poles are the stronger, greener, smarter solution compared to wood, steel and concrete.

Trident poles are non-conductive and typically a 1/3 the weight of wood and 1/2 the weight of steel, making them ideal solutions for tough to reach installations. Trident poles are impervious to rot, pests and woodpeckers and thus do not require any toxic chemicals as a preservative. Trident poles do not require maintenance.

Trident's hollow design allows ground wires to be run internally thus preventing copper theft. All Trident Industries products contain multiple UV inhibitor and stabilization elements to prevent blooming and other damage from prolonged exposure to sunlight. Trident poles can be delivered prefabricated for quicker installation or easily be drilled in the field.

Trident poles demonstrate superior performance in extreme weather conditions and have been successfully tested to withstand heavy ice and wind conditions. Trident poles offer a significantly longer lifespan than wood poles and can easily be removed and safely recycled at the end of their service life.

Trident offers three uniform profiles (11", 12" and 14" diameter). Trident poles can also be combined to make a multi-pole that will provide a stronger pole with a smaller footprint.

Single Pole
Multi Pole – 2
Multi Pole – 3