Trident Composite Poles have many advantages over wood, concrete and steel.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Lifespan - Trident Poles last 60+ years.

  • Installation Cost - Due to the weight and prefabrication of Trident poles, installation time is cut in half.

  • Toxic Chemicals - No toxic chemicals are used that can leech into the soil or water system.

  • Storm Hardening - Trident composite poles will flex in high winds and will not break. When the storms subside they will return to their natural shape.

  • Storm Restoration - Trident poles can be installed more quickly and with less manpower and equipment than wood, concrete or steel due to their lightweight and prefabrication.

  • Copper Theft - The hollow design of Trident poles allows for the ground wire to be installed inside the pole, thus preventing copper theft.

  • Pests - Woodpeckers and insects cannot damage Trident poles.

  • Transportation - Trident poles are 1/3 the weight of wood poles and can be transported more efficiently.

  • Safety Benefits - Trident poles are lightweight which translates to fewer fatalities, serious injuries and less auto damage during an accident.

  • Conductivity - Trident poles are non-conductive and therefore are safer for linesman and provide avian protection.

  • Maintenance/Corrosion - Trident poles do not require maintenance and they do not corrode, rust or rot.

  • UV Protection - Trident poles have a 14mm UV veil and UV inhibitors to prevent sun degradation.