Trident's Support Team (TST) is available to assist utilities with all of their composite utility pole needs. TST can help with all facets from Line Design to Installation. TST provides the following services to utilities free of charge:

Standards Support

TST assists utilities with writing their composite pole standards.

Line Design

TST has worked with utility design engineers to help design lines that incorporate Trident's composite utility poles. TST helps utilities solve design problems and save money.

Pole Selection

TST's proprietary software will help a utility choose a Trident composite utility pole that best fits their specifications.


TST will work with a utility's construction crew to assist in the installation of Trident's composite utility poles. TST assists with burial depth, rake, and type of backfill.


TST provides classroom and on site training to all members of a utility's staff. From engineers to linemen, TST is available for any of your composite utility pole needs.