The Finishing Touches

Utility Pole Accessories

Whether you need sleeves, base plates, pole caps, or steps, we have you covered. Trident poles also accommodate most non-cleated standard hardware.

Permanent Steps

Permanent steps can be ordered in single-sided or working step configurations. Steps are secured through the pole and will support loads of up to 750 lbs. without fracture or disassembly.

Working Steps

Working steps allow for both feet to be situated at the same level on the pole. Working steps are commonly installed at a specified distance below equipment which may require future access. 

Composite Sleeves

Composite sleeves slide inside pre-drilled or field-drilled holes to prevent over-torquing and maintain steel isolation. Trident composite sleeves are 1-inch round and can be pre-installed for field hardware installation.

Impact Resistant Pole Caps

Trident poles come complete with impact resistant pole caps and composite base plates. Caps are fitted to poles using removable self-tapping screws for easy access.

Composite Base Plates

Trident poles come complete with UHMW base plates which include drainage holes that can be drilled to your specifications and prevent the pole from further settling after installation.

Let’s Get


Trident Industries composite poles have many advantages over wood, concrete, and steel. Trident’s single-piece, lightweight, composite poles withstand storms, even those with high-sustained winds. The ground wire can be installed inside the pole, preventing copper theft and improving service reliability.

Why Trident?

Composite Poles with Unique Strength

Feather icon1/3 the weight of wood poles

40 year warranty checkbox icon

Wrench icon0 maintenance

What makes Trident poles better than other composite utility poles?

- Made in the USA

- Patented multi-layer design means stronger poles with smaller footprint than filament wound equivalents.

- Each layer of a multi-layer poles runs to the groundline, providing superior strength to market alternatives.

- Trident offers larger poles with pultruded profiles up to 17" in diameter and 50% thicker walls than market alternatives.