Custom Applications for Any Project

Trident delivers durable, strong and long-lasting composite utility poles that fit your project no matter the application. Even in the most challenging terrain, Trident creates custom solutions to get the job done.


Trident manufactures distribution poles for various single or multi-circuit tangent applications.
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Self-supporting / Unguyed

Whether you’re facing space constraints, easement issues, or cost limitations, our multi-layer pole systems are the right poles for you. They’re strong enough for any self-sustaining, unguyed application. Our team will work with yours to determine which of our multi-layer pole systems matches the load requirements of your project.
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Storm Hardening

With storms increasing in intensity and frequency, improving the reliability of the electrical grid has never been more critical. Trident composite poles are well suited for areas susceptible to hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms and seismic events. Composites can absorb significant elastic strain, allowing them to take on much higher loads in severe weather and return to their original position after the storm. Whether you’re replacing every pole, or every fifth pole to prevent a cascading event, Trident poles are up to the challenge and will keep your grid operating.
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Transformer / Switch

Trident poles are built to bear the weight of transformers and can be used in multi-function applications, such as a storm hardened, unguyed switch pole.
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Long-span Crossings

Trident poles can carry your conductors over long distance, such as highway and river crossings.
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Partial Guying

Sometimes you are limited on your guying options or want to use as few wires as possible. Trident poles can be used in areas where partial guying is a best practice.
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Limited Access

Our poles are lightweight and easy to install in both narrow spaces and rough terrain without the need for heavy equipment. Our smaller physical footprint versus tapered poles allows you to fit in even the tightest of locations. 
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H-frames are an excellent application for Trident poles. Composites are an engineered material. There is a great amount of consistency from one pole to the next, and unlike wood, composite poles will age at the same rate. They won’t need to be replaced until both poles have reached the end of their service life. And they’re strong enough for long-span designs.
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Environmental / Pest

The inert nature of composites make them ideal for challenging environmental conditions. Composites do not rust or rot and will long outlast steel in coastal areas. They do not leach chemicals, can be safely deployed without environmental concern, and are impervious to woodpecker or insect damage. Trident poles are engineered to perform in the harshest of conditions. The low conductivity of a Trident pole protects birds, wildlife and the people who work the lines.
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